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Operating Systems

     Windows 95, NT, 2000 & XP, MS-DOS & NOVELL (Btrieve)
     Linux (including Internet, CGI, MySql, WebApps, CompTIA Linux+ Certified Professional

Languages Used

     C++, C (Microsoft, Watcom, Borland, GCC & DJGPP(Unix GCC ported to PC_DOS)
     COBOL I & II (Microsoft, Micro Focus, ICL VME, DOS/VSE & MVS (CICS))
     PHP & HTML

Projects I have been involved in.

     Part of a team who built a Windows based marketing promotion system using C#.
     Created an OS independant Kiosk information system using C++, GTK+, PHP, MSSQL and Oracle.
     Converted the aforementioned marketing promotion system from Oracle to MSSQL.
     Built a router on a Sun Dover Thin Client using Linux OS.
     Built Credit Card processing into a DOS 32 system.
     Built TCP/IP Communications into a DOS 32 system.
     Added Credit Card processing to a client's Windows & Linux system.
     Built a Palm Pilot credit control system.
     Lectured C++ and IT Managment Skills at local graduate institute.
     Created a number of Casino specific applications.
     Assisted with System Administration on a data warehousing system in a Linux environment.
     Built a "Help" web application within the abovementioned data warehouse system.
     Various Android apps and WebApps.


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