The Stockton Pack

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Puppy Jones Jones the friendly cross pitbull Diva at +/- 6 months of age Jones jumping Diva 1st & Jones 3rd KUSA Summer Show 1997 Novice Part of Nasrec Horse & Hound Winning team Summer 1997 Diva von der Schoonwaldhohe Diva & Kurt Michael Diva 3rd in Class at Roodepoort & District Kennel Club BeeGee the Beagle that adopted us on 19th January 1998 Dr BG Beagle at work Diva and Jones pass The Kennel Union Good Citizen Dog Test on 27th April 1998 A very tired Jones after qualifying & placing 3rd in A test Jones places 3rd in A test, again Again Jones places 3rd in A Test on 20th June 1998 Jones again places 3rd in A Test on 12th July 1998 Diva places 2nd in A Class at Tvl Kennel Club Show Diva qualifies and places 3rd in A Class at v/d Bijl Club Championship Show Jones achieves 90% in A Class on 20th September 1998 at Northern Tvl Kennel Club Biggles one year later Diva places 3rd and qualifies in B Test on 17th January 1999 at Dobermann League Diva places 3rd and qualifies in B Test on 21st March 1999 at Goldfields Open Biggles places 1st in Novice Test on 17th April 1999 at BADTC Diva 1st and Jones 2nd in B Test on 31st July 1999 at BADTC Test day Diva 2nd and Jones 5th in B Test on 26th September 1999 at Meridian Rottweiler Championship Diva, Biggles and Jones all get prizes on 26th September 1999 at Meridian Rottweiler Championship Biggles places 3rd in Beginners at Dobermann Club Championship on 3rd October 1999 Biggles and Smokey Xmas 1999 Biggles and Jones 3rd at Wits Kennel Club open on 30th January 2000(Jones B Test & Biggles Beginners) Jones 2nd in B Test at SA Ladies Open Show at Spinney Green on 13th Feb 2000 Jones wins the BADTC B Test floating trophy in the last term of 1999 Diva places 3rd in BADTC C Test on 8th April 2000 Biggles places 3rd in Shetland Sheepdog Championship Show in Beginners obedience on 7th May 2000 Diva places 3rd in Dobermann League of the Reef Millennium Championship Show Companion Dog on 25th June 2000 Diva places 3rd in CD and 2nd in tracking and Biggles places 3rd in tracking at BADTC 3rd Semister test on 5th August 2000 Biggles places 3rd and qualifies with 95% in his 1st International Tracking Trial on 10th September 2000 at the Meridian Rottweiler Show at Modderfontein Jones on 20th September 2000 after coming home after his left rear cruciate repair operation Jones one week after his operation Diva 1st and Bogus 2nd at Meridian Rottweiler League's 9th Annual Championship Show on 1st October 2000 in Companion Dog Diva 1st at GODTS Championship Show on 22nd October 2000 in Companion Dog and so we are out of CD Jones and some unusual wildlife on 14th December 2000 Diva and Jessica 30th December 2000 Jones on 25th February 2001 Moira and Jones on 21st March 2001 1st place in Tracker Dog 1 on 15th April 2001 2nd place in Tracker Dog 1 on 20th May 2001 3rd place in Tracker Dog 1 on 10th June 2001 1st place in Tracker Dog 1 on 1st July 2001 Biggels beats Diva into 4th Place tracking on 6th October  2001 Diva after retrieving a weapon on 10th November 2001 Diva while retrieving Biggles on 11th November 2001 Biggles making the Court Megastore advert on 15th November 2001 Diva and Biggles, both 2nd with 96%, in ITT1 and ITT2 respectively on 13th July 2002 Nandii who acquired us on 1st September 2002 Mandy and Biggles on 21st September 2002 Jones on his 12th birthday 30th April 2003

Diva on her 10th birthday 22nd April 2005 Diva on 11th October 2006 Diva on her 12th birthday Beagles hard at sleep Prince Jim Bean on 25th January 2008 Prince on 10th February 2008 Prince on 15th March 2008 Prince on 11th April 2008 Some retrieve on 22nd April 2008 After a hard days retrieving on 22nd April 2008 The best bitch ever XMas 2009 Beagle & Dobermann sleeping together Bailey

Smokey Smokey on 15th July 2001

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